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Amy Honner Speech Pathology can assess and treat the following:

  • Speech Sound Delays and Disorders - you and others may be having difficulty understanding what your child is saying. Your child may have a history of ear infections or "glue ear" which can often impact on the development of speech sounds.


  • Language Delays and Developmental Language Disorders - your child may be having difficulty with forming sentences or tuning in and listening to instructions.

  • Issues involving the Mouth, Throat and Voice - your child may drool incessantly, have a history of cleft palate, sound "muffled and blocked up", have vocal nodules as diagnosed by an Ear Nose and Throat surgeon or have a chronic hoarse voice.

  • Early Literacy - your child may be having difficulty identifying the first sound in a word, identifying words that rhyme and difficulty identifying syllables in words.


  • Dysfluency (commonly known as stuttering) - your child may be repeating the first sound in a word, repeating whole words or phrases, or have a silent build up of pressure when going to speak, known as blocking. Amy is experienced in the treatment of stuttering and is also trained to provide the most evidence-based treatment.  For children up to 6 years of age this treatment incorporates the the Lidcombe Program of Early Stuttering Intervention.

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) - your child may already have a diagnosis of ASD or may be awaiting a diagnosis of ASD. Early intervention is crucial to maximising development for your child’s social communication skills.


  • Swallowing and Feeding Difficulties - your baby may be having difficulty progressing from smooth baby food to more textured food.  Your toddler or pre-schooler may only eat a narrow range of textures i.e. chicken nuggets, white bread and hot chips. They may have difficulties chewing or may gag often. Your child may have a history of tube feeding or reflux.  Mealtimes may be extremely anxiety provoking for you and your child.



Amy Honner Speech Pathology services all areas on Southern Yorke Peninsula,  South Australia.

Assessment and therapy can be arranged in the setting which best suits your child and your family including a central base, home, school, kindergarten or childcare. 

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